What Is The Right App Publisher Mindset?

When you publish apps, there are a lot of small things you need to accomplish on a daily basis.

They include:

  • Communication with designers
  • Communication with developers
  • Submitting apps
  • Deciding on app updates
  • Deciding on new apps
  • Etc. etc.

These tasks are of repetitive nature and, therefore, appreneurs wear tired of them after a while.

To avoid the boredom, which will inevitably lead to decreased productivity, follow this piece of advice:

Put your mind on higher goal when doing mundane app tasks:

  1. Revenue increase resulting from the tasks
  2. One step towards less work in future as more apps will be earning revenue for you
  3. Sense of accomplishment once you notify your network when the app is in the App Store

That is, while doing the mundane tasks, you actually think about the 3 things above. This will put your mind into a positive state resulting in a constantly high productivity.

To Your Success!


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