How To Publish Many App Reskins Fast?

When your developers and designers produce many reskins of the same code, you get many very similar apps.

When you try to submit them at once, they might get rejected by Apple.

The reason being: you are trying to clutter the App Store with similar apps contributing to the negative user experience in the store.

This, however, can be easily avoided.


  1. Have your developer work on several codes at once.
  2. Submit only 1 reskin of a code at a time. That is, you can have several reskins submitted at a time but they shall be based on different codes.
  3. Once 1 reskin of a code is accepted by Apple, upload another reskin of the same code.

This way, you will avoid that Apple rejects your reskins. Overall, it will enable you to move fast with reskin publishing!

To Your Success!


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11 thoughts on “How To Publish Many App Reskins Fast?

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  9. Having multiple reskinned apps of the same code in only 1 apple account will increase chances of getting the ID banned?

    Please comment.

    • Hello, the apple account (ID) will not be banned. You are going to encounter app rejections from Apple though. You are not going to be able to get many reskins accepted at the same time.

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