How To Take Full Advantage of the Apple Affiliate Program?

Many app developers have heard about the Apple Affiliate Program. It offers a way to earn commisions on app sales generated through affiliate links to apps, and other content on iTunes.

The affiliate links can be conveniently incorporated inside your apps.

For instance, you can have a free version of your app link to the premium version of the app, which contains premium features.

The link you use shall be not plain but affiliate.

For instance:

As you can see at the end of the link, it has the uo=4&at=11l6aA suffix on it. The suffix identifies the affiliate to Apple.

We use this strategy heavily in the Dr. Bargak Mobile Brand. Have a look at the example here:

Link To Premium Apps

On the New Tab shown, we link to Premium Apps using affiliate links.

Every time a user clicks the link and gets to the App Store, Apple knows that the user was referred and brought there by the affiliate as defined in the affiliate link: uo=4&at=11l6aA 

For the 24 hours after the click happens, Apple tracks all the iTunes Purchases done by the user. And they pay the affiliate 7% commission on those purchases.


Imagine all the content on iTunes that your users might buy!

You can conveniently see all the Apple revenue generated by your affiliate links in the dashboard on There, you can also see your earned commissions like that:

apple affiliate program

The nice feature of the program is: once set up in your apps, the system is fully automated: you continuously earn commissions without doing a thing.

To Your Success!


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