What A Call From Apple May Mean For Your App Business?

Once you have established an app brand, Apple may get noticed your apps.

This can happen only if one of your apps does well in an App Store category.

In this case, Apple may take a closer look at the app. They may analyse your app title, search keywords and description. Rarely, they will also take a look at the icon and screenshots.

Apple’s analysis focuses on the consistency of the app’s marketing messages (title, keywords and descriptions) and the actual value the user gets when using the app.

Apple’s goal is to make sure that well- performing apps actually deliver what their marketing messages promise. Their overall goal is to ensure the best user experience for App Store users, of course.

If Apple detects an inconsistency between the app’s workings and marketing messages, they may give you a ring by phone.

Do not get scared. Listen carefully to what they want you to change.

They will set a deadline for the changes to be submitted to the App Store for review.

Make the changes and submit an app update by the deadline.

Then, keep rocking with the app!

To Your Success!


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