How To Agree On Compensation For Developer Delays?

When you negotiate a timeline with your development team, you shall always agree on compensation for developer delays.

That is, how you will be compensated if the development team does not meet the previously agreed deadline provided you have not changed the work content. 

In this case, the compensation is fair because every day your app is not in App Store, you lose the daily revenue the app would earn if it was in App Store (as agreed). 

One way to define such a compensation is to defer the agreed payment until a later date.

For instance, you may have agreed to pay the development team once the app is ready to be submitted to the App Store. That is, after you have approved the app for submission and before the actual submission is done by the team, the team gets paid by you.

A compensation agreement for delays longer than 2 days may state that the payment will be deferred until the app has been in the App Store for 7 days.

That is, the development team gets paid only after the app has earned 7 days of revenue.

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