How To Easily Get Your App Discovered in Google Searches?

Your App can be found when users search in Google and other search engines on their mobile devices. This can happen in any mobile web browser and some mobile apps.

This is due to the fact that Apple automatically creates an iTunes URL for your app. That URL is automatically indexed by all the search engines.

The URL is created by Apple the moment you create a new app in iTunes Connect.

And you can fully control the URL’s keywords. That is, you can also fully control, how well your app will be found in Google and other search engines, once it is released.


Once you enter the App Title for THE FIRST TIME in iTunes Connect, the iTunes URL for your App will be created based on that title.

You can be sure that the first words in your App Title will be included in the URL. This will have a huge impact on your App’s Discoverability using search engines like Google.

Therefore, get your App Title right THE FIRST TIME you enter it in iTunes Connect. You cannot change the URL of the App afterwards.

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