How To Make Your App Stand Out With Local Notifications?

When you look at your iPhone or iPad, what do you see?

Apps, lots of apps, an ocean of apps for some 🙂

What are the apps that catch your eyes most?

The ones with better icons or the ones you use most.

What are other apps that catch your eyes?

The ones that have a little number at top right corner of the icon.

These little numbers are attention catchers!

And you can build them into your apps easily if you use Local Notifications.

You can fire up a Local Notification regularly, for instance every Sunday at 11am or on the last day of the month at 22pm. The frequency depends on the app’s purpose.

This way, you will have a regular attention catcher built into your app.

And people will have a better chance to see your app when browsing through the installed apps on their devices!

Your user retention is going to go up just by using this little trick with Local Notification!

To Your Success.


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