How To Do App Reskinning Avoiding App Rejections?

When you do App Reskinning, your worst enemy is an Apple Reviewer REJECTING your App, right?


So, what can you do to avoid App Rejections?

  1. Have multiple Developer Accounts. Yes, this can be a pain to get but there is no way around it if you want to publish app reskins in volume fast.
  2. Submit a new code reskin to a developer account only after the previous reskin of the same code was accepted 10 days ago.
  3. Develop your own unique app code and publish its reskins. When finished with the reskins, sell the source code reskin licenses to other developers to recoup your initial development costs.

To Your Success!


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17 thoughts on “How To Do App Reskinning Avoiding App Rejections?

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the answer and link, I only have one personal account so far. I will eventually get a business account or two, though incorporating a company here in Australia is expensive. But i know having a company has many more benefits than a personal account.

    • Definitely. You will need several business accounts to publish apps in volume.

      How much do you have to pay for incorporating a company in Australia?

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  4. Hi Vlad, Sorry about the slow reply, it’s around $500 for a company here. It’s easy enough to do online. Will definitely have to get one in action very soon.

    • I see. So, for each iTunes Developer Account, you have to invest $500 one-time for the company and $100 per year for the Apple developer license.

      It seems like a reasonable investment, which can be profitable for each business account you create.

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What Are The Questions You Have About Your App Business Right Now?

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