How To Ensure Continuous Growth In Your App Business?

Continuous growth in your app business can be achieved using 3 strategies:

1. Publish new apps regularly.

This way, some of your apps will automatically get exposure in the App Store and on the web, just because they are new.

To make this option profitable, your app production cost must be less than your app revenue over a specific period of time.

2. Drive traffic to your apps regularly.

This can be done using mobile ad networks. The goal here is to get into the top charts of your app category. Once this is achieved using (paid) traffic, you will additionally get lots of organic downloads because your app’s visibility will be much higher – lots of people look at the top apps in each category on a regular basis and they will find you there.

To make this option profitable, your mobile ad spend must be less than the earned app revenue over a specific period of time.

3. Reduce the price of paid apps to FREE for 24h regularly.

This will give you lots of exposure on all websites that track app price changes. Most of these websites also have apps that will feature your price changes.

If you employ this strategy, make sure you do not reduce the price of an app more than once per week. Otherwise, the price changes will have much less effect very soon. Also, it will make sure Apple will not start suspecting that try to manipulate app rankings in a prohibited way.

The profitability of this strategy is a given because you do not spend money to get exposure in this case.

Do you know or suspect any other way of achieving continuous growth in an app business? Comment below now!

To Your Success!



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