How To Create Cost-Effective App Trailers For App Portfolios From iOS 8 Onwards?

From iOS 8 onwards, Apple will enable developers to submit App Trailers to showcase their apps to the users.

An App Trailer is a video demonstrating the app. It is in addition to the App Screenshots we know and have used before.

As an owner of an App Portfolio, you need a way to effectively produce App Video Trailers for each of your apps in a cost-effective way.

For a true App Portfolio, however, it may be sufficient to produce just one video explaining your concept and use it to showcase each app from the portfolio.

An important point though is to produce a professional video that makes the users want your app concept.

Here is the rule of thumb:

It is better to produce one video professionally and reuse it for all apps from the portfolio instead of having an individual video for each app done poorly!

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How To Increase Your App Revenue With App Bundles From iOS 8 Onwards?

Apple will offer App Bundles to iOS users from iOS 8 onwards.

This offers app developers a unique opportunity to sell entire app portfolios to the users at a bulk discount price.

The readers of this blog know that I have always advocated the development of app portfolios instead of just individual apps.

For instance, you might have a portfolio of utility, health or runner game apps.

With the App Bundles you will get:

• New exposure for your app portfolio in its entirety
• New exposure for each individual app that will be part of an App Bundle • New revenue stream without any investment of money or time

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