How To Make Money With The New Health App from iOS 8 onwards?

Health App will be available on iPhones and iPads from iOS 8 onwards.

It will enable users to have one place to collect their health information from different data sources.

These will include:
• any custom health-related app putting data into the Health app using the HealthKit
• you entering the data manually
• wearable devices

With so much health data available in the Health App, a whole new world is going to open up to process the data and provide value-added services on top of it.

In fact, I see the Health App as a whole new platform.

The possibilities for new apps based on the data available in the Health App are endless. Here are just a few:

• Analyze blood pressure values and provide alerts to patients in critical conditions

• Analyze pulse values and provide suggestions to patients on how to increase / decrease the pulse

• Analyze blood sugar values and provide diet information suitable for the current condition of the patient

• Any kind of new health information visualization

With the Health App, the data that has been available only to research projects in the past will become readily available to the app developer community at large.

Here is the rule of thumb: if you want to enter the health app market, there has never been a better time than NOW!

To Your Success!