Do you really know WHY you are making money on mobile?

With all the buzz around mobile and your own app revenue growing, it is tempting to charge forward without deeper analysis of mobile ecosystem.

However, an interesting question to ask yourself would be:

Do you really know WHY you are making money on mobile?

I believe, you are making money on mobile due to:

1. The number of mobile device users growing in leaps and bounds

2. The number of serious app publishers on your search keywords is growing relatively slow

It is a ratio of supply and demand, as in any market, that determines the revenue you can achieve from your sales efforts.

So, what can you do to beat the market on mobile?

Here are the rules for you to follow:

1. Only go into markets identified by ever-green and stable keywords because the majority of the developer market is trying to capitalize on huge short-term trends (and retire :)).

2. Cash is King, Time is Queen: only pursue opportunities with the highest revenue potential, lowest cost potential and lowest time investment potential of your own time.

3. Think cross-platform in everything you do. After you conquer iOS, you will want to branch out to Android inkl. Kindle and possibly to Windows Phone and Surface Tablet. Make the cross-platform leap easy for you by preparing your content, concepts and systems right from the start while you are being active on only one platform.

Have some other rules to share? Leave a comment below!

To Your Success!