How To Build A Business On A Mobile Platform The Smart Way?

When you build a business on a mobile platform, you have a lot of advantages:

• Global reach
• No hosting costs
• No customer support costs
• Easy localisation to languages, countries and locales in one product

In effect, all you have to do for a successful business built on mobile platform is to create the right content fast and to promote it right.

However, in order to be successful on a mobile platform, you must:

• Follow the rules imposed by the platform
• Evolve with the platform
• Share revenue with the platform

That is, the platform dictates:
• If you are allowed to publish content on it
• When you have to remove your content from it
• When you have infringed someone’s copyright
• If and when to promote your content
• If and when to demote your content
• When to update your content

In other words, if you decide to build a business on a platform, keep in mind that the platform is a moving target! It keeps changing without your consent or notification.

Here is the rule of thumb: the best way to build a stable business on a mobile platform is to publish the same content on many mobile platforms. This will make your business much less dependent on the “mood” a single platform currently is in.

Go build your mobile business the right way.

To Your Success!