What Are The 3 Most Important Stages An App Business Goes Through?

Every successful App Business goes through these 3 most important stages:

Stage 1: Learn the business, how to produce apps, how to establish the cashflow, how to contain cost, how to break even, how to consistently stay profitable, how to grow profitably?

It is not unusual for this phase to only have the business owner working in the business.

Stage 2: Hire developers for development, designers for design, ASO person for searchability, testers for test and manage them all to consistently drive a good volume of new apps launched in App Store. Make sure the operation is profitable.

Stage 3: Hire managers to supervise developers, testers, designers, ASO people and market researchers.

As you progress through the stages, you enable more and more growth in your business and, if you do this for the first time, you grow more and more personally.

To Your Success!