What Is The Price Of Recurring Revenue On App Store?

One type of apps on the App Store has been set up by Apple for recurring revenue – Newsstand Apps.

These apps are magazines and deliver magazines issues to the user in return for a subscription fee.

If a subscription is monthly, the user is supposed to get a fresh issue monthly. If a subscription is quartetly, the user is supposed to get a fresh issue once in a quarter etc.

An interesting difference to the ordinary apps is that Newsstand magazine issues are not hosted on Apple servers. Rather, you are responsible for hosting the issues and providing an app that is capable of downloading them from your servers.

That is, the Newsstand magazine apps themselves are hosted on Apple servers and downloaded by the users, as any other app. But the content of the magazines displayed to the users by the apps must be hosted on your own servers.

Keep this is mind as this will influence your business case. The hosting cost is the price of recurring revenue on App Store!

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