What Is The Price Of Recurring Revenue On App Store?

One type of apps on the App Store has been set up by Apple for recurring revenue – Newsstand Apps.

These apps are magazines and deliver magazines issues to the user in return for a subscription fee.

If a subscription is monthly, the user is supposed to get a fresh issue monthly. If a subscription is quartetly, the user is supposed to get a fresh issue once in a quarter etc.

An interesting difference to the ordinary apps is that Newsstand magazine issues are not hosted on Apple servers. Rather, you are responsible for hosting the issues and providing an app that is capable of downloading them from your servers.

That is, the Newsstand magazine apps themselves are hosted on Apple servers and downloaded by the users, as any other app. But the content of the magazines displayed to the users by the apps must be hosted on your own servers.

Keep this is mind as this will influence your business case. The hosting cost is the price of recurring revenue on App Store!

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What Are The 3 Most Important Stages An App Business Goes Through?

Every successful App Business goes through these 3 most important stages:

Stage 1: Learn the business, how to produce apps, how to establish the cashflow, how to contain cost, how to break even, how to consistently stay profitable, how to grow profitably?

It is not unusual for this phase to only have the business owner working in the business.

Stage 2: Hire developers for development, designers for design, ASO person for searchability, testers for test and manage them all to consistently drive a good volume of new apps launched in App Store. Make sure the operation is profitable.

Stage 3: Hire managers to supervise developers, testers, designers, ASO people and market researchers.

As you progress through the stages, you enable more and more growth in your business and, if you do this for the first time, you grow more and more personally.

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How To Build A Business On A Mobile Platform The Smart Way?

When you build a business on a mobile platform, you have a lot of advantages:

• Global reach
• No hosting costs
• No customer support costs
• Easy localisation to languages, countries and locales in one product

In effect, all you have to do for a successful business built on mobile platform is to create the right content fast and to promote it right.

However, in order to be successful on a mobile platform, you must:

• Follow the rules imposed by the platform
• Evolve with the platform
• Share revenue with the platform

That is, the platform dictates:
• If you are allowed to publish content on it
• When you have to remove your content from it
• When you have infringed someone’s copyright
• If and when to promote your content
• If and when to demote your content
• When to update your content

In other words, if you decide to build a business on a platform, keep in mind that the platform is a moving target! It keeps changing without your consent or notification.

Here is the rule of thumb: the best way to build a stable business on a mobile platform is to publish the same content on many mobile platforms. This will make your business much less dependent on the “mood” a single platform currently is in.

Go build your mobile business the right way.

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Do you really know WHY you are making money on mobile?

With all the buzz around mobile and your own app revenue growing, it is tempting to charge forward without deeper analysis of mobile ecosystem.

However, an interesting question to ask yourself would be:

Do you really know WHY you are making money on mobile?

I believe, you are making money on mobile due to:

1. The number of mobile device users growing in leaps and bounds

2. The number of serious app publishers on your search keywords is growing relatively slow

It is a ratio of supply and demand, as in any market, that determines the revenue you can achieve from your sales efforts.

So, what can you do to beat the market on mobile?

Here are the rules for you to follow:

1. Only go into markets identified by ever-green and stable keywords because the majority of the developer market is trying to capitalize on huge short-term trends (and retire :)).

2. Cash is King, Time is Queen: only pursue opportunities with the highest revenue potential, lowest cost potential and lowest time investment potential of your own time.

3. Think cross-platform in everything you do. After you conquer iOS, you will want to branch out to Android inkl. Kindle and possibly to Windows Phone and Surface Tablet. Make the cross-platform leap easy for you by preparing your content, concepts and systems right from the start while you are being active on only one platform.

Have some other rules to share? Leave a comment below!

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How To Make Money With The New Health App from iOS 8 onwards?

Health App will be available on iPhones and iPads from iOS 8 onwards.

It will enable users to have one place to collect their health information from different data sources.

These will include:
• any custom health-related app putting data into the Health app using the HealthKit
• you entering the data manually
• wearable devices

With so much health data available in the Health App, a whole new world is going to open up to process the data and provide value-added services on top of it.

In fact, I see the Health App as a whole new platform.

The possibilities for new apps based on the data available in the Health App are endless. Here are just a few:

• Analyze blood pressure values and provide alerts to patients in critical conditions

• Analyze pulse values and provide suggestions to patients on how to increase / decrease the pulse

• Analyze blood sugar values and provide diet information suitable for the current condition of the patient

• Any kind of new health information visualization

With the Health App, the data that has been available only to research projects in the past will become readily available to the app developer community at large.

Here is the rule of thumb: if you want to enter the health app market, there has never been a better time than NOW!

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How To Create Cost-Effective App Trailers For App Portfolios From iOS 8 Onwards?

From iOS 8 onwards, Apple will enable developers to submit App Trailers to showcase their apps to the users.

An App Trailer is a video demonstrating the app. It is in addition to the App Screenshots we know and have used before.

As an owner of an App Portfolio, you need a way to effectively produce App Video Trailers for each of your apps in a cost-effective way.

For a true App Portfolio, however, it may be sufficient to produce just one video explaining your concept and use it to showcase each app from the portfolio.

An important point though is to produce a professional video that makes the users want your app concept.

Here is the rule of thumb:

It is better to produce one video professionally and reuse it for all apps from the portfolio instead of having an individual video for each app done poorly!

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How To Increase Your App Revenue With App Bundles From iOS 8 Onwards?

Apple will offer App Bundles to iOS users from iOS 8 onwards.

This offers app developers a unique opportunity to sell entire app portfolios to the users at a bulk discount price.

The readers of this blog know that I have always advocated the development of app portfolios instead of just individual apps.

For instance, you might have a portfolio of utility, health or runner game apps.

With the App Bundles you will get:

• New exposure for your app portfolio in its entirety
• New exposure for each individual app that will be part of an App Bundle • New revenue stream without any investment of money or time

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