top 5 apps i use to create all my apps - resource guide

Resource Guide – Top 5 Apps I Use To Create All My Apps!

Making money with Apps can be achieved using only 5 simple Apps!

In this Resource Guide, I will reveal The Top 5 Apps I use to create All My Apps.

It is a Business In Your Pocket and here are the 5 most useful Apps on my iPhone for App Creation:

top 5 apps i use to create all my apps - resource guide

Top 5 Apps To Create All Your Apps!

  1. WorldHotApps – This App enables you to browse through the charts of the iTunes store. I do it every day to stay up-to-date and know the current App Store trends. This is highly important as it drives all the other decisions in my App Business: which app codes, app designs, app themes, app types and keywords are popular is all decided based upon the stats.
  2. Elance – This App enables you to find app developers and designers at reasonable prices who can implement your app ideas. Ongoing project communication, milestones and payments can also be done through Elance.
  3. Skype – Interviewing freelancers, communicating with them in person using a webcam as well as instant messaging can be perfectly done using Skype.
  4. Dropbox – Exchanging source code and design files can be done using dropbox. Most freelancers on elance have dropbox accounts and use the service on a regular basis.
  5. App Annie – Once you get your App into the App Store, you definitely want to know, how many downloads, which reviews and from which countries it gets. All that information can be brought to you daily using App Annie.

With these Apps, you can indeed build your own App Company!

To Your Success!


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How To Build Your App As A Social Media Magnet?

Your App can be a great Social Media Magnet for your content. That is, it can connect people to your social media outlets, such as Facebook Page, Twitter Feed or Email Newsletter.

In order to drive your app users to your social media outlets, you must offer some value to them. This can be Free Apps from your app network. For instance, when you release an app, you can offer it for free for the first 24 hours and people on your social media outlets will be the first to find out!

I have done this in one of our app networks. Look at how it is implemented, it is on the last screenshot on the right. It connects the users to Facebook, Twitter, Email and App Store.

So, the right funnel for your users must be:

  1. Find your App on App Store (you must use the right keywords for this to happen).
  2. Download your App from App Store (you must use the right icon, screenshots and description for this to happen).
  3. Enjoy using your App (you must put the right content and have the right UX for this to happen).
  4. Find the opportunity to get similar apps for free (you must provide it inside the app)
  5. Give you permission to notify them about  similar apps in future: give you email address, facebook like, twitter follow (you must embed these options inside the app)

This way, you will build a quality following on different social networks for free.

This is opposed to building a following using paid traffic: it costs money and does not deliver the high quality users.

To Your Success!

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When you release a Free and Paid App Pair, there is a way to optimize the two Apps to achieve the Best ROI.

This can be done by adjusting the ads shown in the Free App:

Your Free App serves as promotion for the Paid App. If you put too many ads into the Free App, your users may not like it because of this, and, as a result, not want to download the Paid App. In this case, you will earn more revenue from ads than from the Paid App.

If you put too few ads into the Free App, your ad revenue may be too small to bother with ad networks at all. Adding a little more ad impressions might not contribute to the negative user experience. The users may like your app because of its content and the fact that it does not contain a lot of ads. This will contribute to increased downloads of your paid app.

That is, here is the rule of thumb:

Put ads into your Free App that can be switched on and off from your ad networks’ dashboards. Then play with the ad impressions and find the point where the accumulated revenue from the Free and Paid App Pair peaks. 

As always in mobile, testing is essential!

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From VentureBeat: Build a Native or Web Mobile App?

Today’s article on VentureBeat “Here’s a chart to decide whether to build a native or web mobile app” discusses many great aspects that should guide your technology decision whether to build a native or web mobile app.

I think, one aspect shall additionally deserve your attention:

How Will You Make Money With a Native vs. Web Mobile App?

Only Native Apps will be accepted to the App Store. That is, only this way you will get access to Apple’s (and Google’s) vast distribution and monetization power including:

  • Worldwide distribution of your app once it is on App Store
  • Selling your app worldwide (you get 70% of sales wired to your local bank account monthly)
  • Selling your in-app purchases worldwide (you get 70% of sales wired to your local bank account monthly)
  • Most ad networks will also work only in native apps. That is, ad revenue is also tied to the technology you use.
  • PR works better for native apps as there are dedicated and prominent publication outlets focused on Apple and Android Apps.

So, while the technology decision shall be drived by factors mentioned in “Here’s a chart to decide whether to build a native or web mobile app“, it shall also be informed by the planned monetization techniques.

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What IS THE Single Most Important Thing in Mobile Design?

Many great resources teach you Mobile Design. What is, however, the single most important element of it.

Here is THE TIP:


What does it mean?

  1. If I use your app, I never want to search for anything. You are responsible to put the right information in front of me every second I interact with your app. Otherwise, I will leave.
  2. If I shall use your app, it must be visually appealing to me. Otherwise, I will download the app of your competitors, and, yes, there are plenty.
  3. If I shall use your app on a regular basis, you are responsible for reminding me of your app. Otherwise, I wll forget about it right after the first use.
  4. If there are things in your app that are more than 2 taps away from anywhere in your app, you shall eleminate them from the app and make an additional app, thus creating an app network.
  5. If I ever have to think about how to use you app for more than a few seconds, you will most likely not get enough downloads to recover your app development costs.

All in all, please, do not make me think but simply have fun while using your App!

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What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Promote Your App?

There are many ways to market your app after Release on App Store, such as:

  1. Buy app installs using ad networks
  2. Buy app ads on facebook
  3. Buy ads on web sites from your app’s industry
  4. Offer your app for free on the App Store for a limited time/forever
  5. Submit your app to app directories from your app’s industry
  6. Send our a newsletter to an email list
  7. etc.
  8. etc.

However, the most effective way of marketing your app is to:

Create an App Network – Release several apps around a topic that cross-promote each other!

This way, each of your apps on the App Store provides visibility to your other apps. Each of your apps will be found by the users using different search keywords and, once downloaded, the users will be shown other apps inside the downloaded app.

Thus, one download from your app network will lead to the user awareness of the other apps from your network. Also, Apple will show the other apps in the “Related Apps” section of each app on the App Store.

That is, the most cost-effective way to market your app is not to give money to others to get it promoted but to release many apps, each of which promotes all the others. Such a promotion is 24/7 and does not cost a penny after the apps have been released on the App Store.

All the other ways of promotion are only effective as long as you pay the promoter. And they will not be able to guarantee you that your promotion cost will be less than your (increased) revenue.