If you are looking for app and game codes to reskin, I can offer codes that

  • are already successful in App Store
  • easy to reskin
  • can be themed very many times

The codes are discount-priced to maximize AND speed-up your return on investment!

Bonus: each sale is accompanied with a free consultation with me to maximize and speed-up your return on investment depending on your business needs.

If you want to find out more about the codes right now, feel free to connect on Facebook!

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4 thoughts on “Code

  1. do I have to start a business/company to create a app? and if so what are the requirements and things I need to do to create a company?

    • No, you do not. You can start as an individual.
      There are two types of developer accounts: individual and business.
      You can go very far with a developer account as an individual.
      Can you do so or do you have to go with a business account right from the start?

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