How To Ensure Continuous Growth In Your App Business?

Continuous growth in your app business can be achieved using 3 strategies:

1. Publish new apps regularly.

This way, some of your apps will automatically get exposure in the App Store and on the web, just because they are new.

To make this option profitable, your app production cost must be less than your app revenue over a specific period of time.

2. Drive traffic to your apps regularly.

This can be done using mobile ad networks. The goal here is to get into the top charts of your app category. Once this is achieved using (paid) traffic, you will additionally get lots of organic downloads because your app’s visibility will be much higher – lots of people look at the top apps in each category on a regular basis and they will find you there.

To make this option profitable, your mobile ad spend must be less than the earned app revenue over a specific period of time.

3. Reduce the price of paid apps to FREE for 24h regularly.

This will give you lots of exposure on all websites that track app price changes. Most of these websites also have apps that will feature your price changes.

If you employ this strategy, make sure you do not reduce the price of an app more than once per week. Otherwise, the price changes will have much less effect very soon. Also, it will make sure Apple will not start suspecting that try to manipulate app rankings in a prohibited way.

The profitability of this strategy is a given because you do not spend money to get exposure in this case.

Do you know or suspect any other way of achieving continuous growth in an app business? Comment below now!

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What Is The Overall Developer Accounts Cost When Going Cross-Platform?

If you want your App Brand to dominate in a specific niche in the mobile world, you have to publish apps on all mobile platforms.

That way, your App Brand will be agnostic to the mobile devices your customers might have.

It will become extremely effective to advertise your apps simply as a mobile brand offering a specific service WITHOUT paying attention to the end-user mobile devices.

Once you decide to go cross-platform, here is a list of App Developer Accounts you will need to create:

• Apple Developer Account
Cost: $100 per year

• Google Play Developer Account
Cost: $25 one-time

• Amazon App Developer Account
Cost: $0

• Windows Phone 8 Developer Account
Cost: $19 per year

I do not include Blackberry in this list because that platform is not growing at the moment. I, personally, prefer only publishing on growing mobile platforms.

That is, besides $25 one-time fee, your overall yearly cost of having App Developer Accounts on all growing mobile platforms is only $119!

In my view, this is simply amazing!

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How To Effectively Diversify Your App Business?

A lot of business risk can be mitigated using diversification. At the same time, diversification can contribute to spectacular business growth.

So, what are the diversification opportunities for App Business Owners?

Here you go:
• Publish apps for iPhone
• Publish apps for iPad
• Publish apps for Android phones and tablets
• Publish apps for Amazon Kindle
• Publish apps for Phone 8
• Publish apps for Mac Store
• Publish apps for Windows Store
• Publish magazines for Apple Newsstand
• Publish your app content repackaged as iBooks
• Publish your app content repackaged as eBooks
• Publish your app content repackaged as Youtube videos
• Publish your app content repackaged as Udemy courses

Can you name more diversification opportunities? Leave a comment below!

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How To Develop A Bullet-Proof App Reskinning Strategy?

Many readers of this blog see App Reskinning as a great way to build a profitable app business.

However, to make App Reskinning work for you, you need to develop a bullet-proof strategy that will:

• avoid app rejections as far as possible
• support your speed of app publishing
• support your financial needs in terms of growth over time

How to create such a strategy?

Here you go:

1. Make sure your content production is in line with your programming. That is, your programmers never wait for app content at any given time.

2. Publish your apps on one developer account until rejections crop up. Then get another developer account and continue.

If you have several developer accounts already, you can publish on them simultaneously. However, if you manage to publish a lot of very related apps on one developer account, the download number of these apps will go up because people will look for similar apps from the same publisher and Apple might position you better in search results for some specific search terms.

3. Before you start an App Reskin have a mitigation strategy in place to use in case of rejection of the Reskin:
• will you make some changes and resubmit on the same account?
• which changes will you make? how fast will you make them and how much will it cost?
• will you not make any changes and submit on another developer account? immediately after rejection or after a week or two?

Here is the rule of thumb:

Never start a significant App Reskinning Project without a solid rejection mitigation strategy in place!

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