How To Develop An App From Scratch The Fastest Way?

To create a custom app from scratch the fastest way, follow these proven steps:

1. Decide what the app shall do based on a thorough market research.

2. Create sketches of all app screens on a piece of paper and show the user paths between the screens.

3. Hire a designer to create a simple design of the app based on the sketch. Only native UI elements shall be used.

4. Hire a developer to create the app code based on the design. This shall include ad network handling.

5. Have the developer submit the app to the App Store.

6. Have an ASO professional create metadata for the app based on a verbal app description.

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What Is Strategic App Production?

You produce Apps strategically if:

  1. You release new apps regularly. 
  2. Your apps model/follow popular apps on App Store. 
  3. Your app revenue overtakes production costs within a couple of months after release.
  4. Your app users rate your apps with 3+ star reviews. 
  5. Your app users’ retention rate indicates recurring users. 

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How To Make More Money With Apps? Increase And Speed-Up Your Cash Flow!

When you think about making money with Apps, you must think about the following 3 aspects to maximize and speed-up the cashflow from your App:

  1. Cater to advertisers of big apps on the right ad networks. That is, create an app where big apps can thematically be well-advertised and use popular ad networks for that genre. 
  2. Cater to app users. That is, use popular themes and keywords for people to find and want to download your apps. 
  3. Use same ad networks in your apps to speed up accumulated payments. Otherwise, you will have to wait longer until you accumulate a payment threshold in each individual as network you are using. 

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How To Build Your App As A Social Media Magnet?

Your App can be a great Social Media Magnet for your content. That is, it can connect people to your social media outlets, such as Facebook Page, Twitter Feed or Email Newsletter.

In order to drive your app users to your social media outlets, you must offer some value to them. This can be Free Apps from your app network. For instance, when you release an app, you can offer it for free for the first 24 hours and people on your social media outlets will be the first to find out!

I have done this in one of our app networks. Look at how it is implemented, it is on the last screenshot on the right. It connects the users to Facebook, Twitter, Email and App Store.

So, the right funnel for your users must be:

  1. Find your App on App Store (you must use the right keywords for this to happen).
  2. Download your App from App Store (you must use the right icon, screenshots and description for this to happen).
  3. Enjoy using your App (you must put the right content and have the right UX for this to happen).
  4. Find the opportunity to get similar apps for free (you must provide it inside the app)
  5. Give you permission to notify them about  similar apps in future: give you email address, facebook like, twitter follow (you must embed these options inside the app)

This way, you will build a quality following on different social networks for free.

This is opposed to building a following using paid traffic: it costs money and does not deliver the high quality users.

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How To Build THE BEST Email List Fast Using An App?

Building an Email List is important for your App Business. Why?

Because then you can talk to your app users directly to:

  1. Announce your new Apps
  2. Announce your new App Features
  3. Talk about success stories with your Apps
  4. Talk about complimentary products for your Apps
  5. Cross-promote other people’s apps to be used in conjunction with your Apps

But how to build an Email List with the help of your AppHere is the Tip:

Offer Your App Users FREE APPS in exchange for their Email Address!

This Strategy works! I have very successfully implemented it in one of our App Brands. Look at how it is implemented, it is on the last screenshot on the right.

The best thing is:

Users will usually give you their iTunes Email Addresses, which are guaranteed to be valid!

To your success!

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How to increase the ROI of your App?

How to increase the ROI of your App?

One good way of doing it, is to produce several versions of the App varying its content (size). Imagine, you have a content consisting of pictures and videos. Then you can easily produce and get accepted 3 versions of your app:

Premium App Version – contains all your videos and pictures

Basic App Version – contains 50% of your videos and pictures

Free App Version – contains all your pictures but no videos

In terms of monetization, you can give away the Free and Basic Versions for free and monetize them with ads. The Premium version can be sold for whatever is appropriate in your market ($1,99 will do for sure) and contain no ads.

The search keywords for the 3 versions of the app can slightly vary to ensure the broadest possible search coverage for your app content.

Also, the Basic and Free versions shall link to the Premium version inside the apps thus creating an app network.

We have followed this strategy in the Dr. Bargak Mobile Apps Brand and have seen great results.

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What Is The Most Effective Way To Promote Your App After Release For Free?

You released an App on the App Store! Congratulations!

How can you promote your App right after its Release? Here is what you should do to increase awareness of your App because it is both free and effective:

  1. Make a link of your App.
  2. Post the link on Facebook on your app company’s facebook page.
  3. Post the link on Twitter on your app company’s twitter stream.
  4. Write a blog post with the app description inkl. the link on yor app company’s blog (you should also use it on app submission as support and marketing url).
  5. Send the link to your app company’s email list for the audience addressed by the app.
  6. Send the link to your app team and encourage them to post it on social media.
  7. Send a push notification with the link to all the users of your others apps on app store.

You may wonder: what is the most effective way to promote your app out of the 7 points above? Here is the Tip:

The most effective way to promote a new app is to send the app link to the users of your existing apps using PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!

That is:

  1. Build Push Notification capabilities in every app your release
  2. Impelement so that a push notification containing a url is convereted into the invocation of that url
  3. Users will open your push notifications, your CTR will be astonishing and you won’t be disappointed!

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