How To Earn Money In 3 Steps With Apps?

Earning money with Apps is always done in 3 steps:

  1. Invest money to get the App done (Month 1).
  2. Wait until the App has earned the money back and more (Month 4).
  3. Receive payments from Apple and Ad Networks (Month 6).

Then, repeat the steps.

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Time. What Is The Meaning Of Time In Every App Project?



In any App Project, there are really 3 most important things related to TIME:

  1. Time needed to get an App into the App Store
  2. Time needed to get paid by Apple and Ad Networks
  3. Time needed to trigger an effective action inside the App: show ads, offer in-app purchases and request reviews 

The Point 1 depends on your project organisation. This time shall be as short as possible.

The Point 2 depends on your app download numbers. After submission, you do not really have an impact on this time.

The Point 3 must be deducted by analysing your app usage with Flurry. For instance, if you see that most of your users leave your app after 60 seconds, show an add or request an app review 50 seconds after the app start.

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How To Make A Living With App Reskinning? Learn About The Cash Flow!

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How to make a living with apps?

If you reskin Apps, there is a certain dynamic in time and pricing for each reskin project you undertake. Here is the rule of thumb:

The more reskins you order at once, the lower the price for each reskin will be. 

That is, if your order 1 reskin of 1 app, it may cost you $600. But if you order 5 reskins of the same app, each reskin may cost you $400. However:

The more app reskins your order at once, the higher is the financial risk you take. 

This is because, you will have to pay your development team before the apps are accepted into the App Store, start generating revenue and that revenue is finally accumulated and paid out to you by Apple and Ad Networks.

Therefore, here is another rule of thumb:

Start with just 1 reskin project. Once it is successful, increate the number of reskins you do per month according to the revenue or, possibly, the profit you make per month. 

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How To Make A Living With Apps? Learn About The Cash Flow In The App Business!

If you want to make a living with apps, you will have to make an investment. You will not be able to publish apps on your own that will support your lifestyle.

What, however, is possible, is to get a fast return on your investment.

Here are the rules of thumb in the app business as far as investment, return of investment and cash flow is concerned:

  1. Invest $500 in an App in Month 1
  2. Have the App published on App Store in Month 2
  3. The invested $500 shall be earned by the App by the end of Month 4
  4. The invested $500 shall be paid out to you by Apple and Ad Networks by the end of Month 6

That is, with App you can recoup your investment within 6 months after the investment is done. This is realistic.

The question is then, what is your profit after that? It totally depends on the app.

The more “evergreen” your app is, the more it will earn. The longer is a trend on the app store that your app follows, the more will the app earn. Etc, etc.

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How To Calculate Your App Profit Before You Start App Project?

Before you start an App Project, it is a good idea to make a calculation of future expenses and projected revenue. This way, you will have a rough idea of your app’s profitability.

In this post, I will share a sample profitability calculation for an app reskin project. So, here you go:


-$400 : App Source Code with multiple reskin license

-$400 : App Reskin 1

-$400 : App Reskin 2

-$1200 : Overall Expenses (one-time) 


+$10 a day : From App Reskin 1 (cumulated add revenue + in-app purchases + paid app purchases)

+$10 a day : From App Reskin 2 (cumulated add revenue + in-app purchases + paid app purchases)

+$20 x 30 days = +$600 a month : From App Reskin 1 and 2

+$600 : Overall Revenue (recurring every month)

This way, in 2 months the two App Reskins will have made the expenses back. However, the actual payments from Apple and ad networks will only be fully made 2 months later.

However, the question is how long the recurring monthly revenue will stay at the level of +$600. This depends on many factors. But even if the revenue drops significantly, the apps will still be profitable as they will have made the expenses in the first couple of months.

Note that an App Reskin can make much more than $10 a day making the profitability calculation even more favourable.

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How To Build THE BEST Email List Fast Using An App?

Building an Email List is important for your App Business. Why?

Because then you can talk to your app users directly to:

  1. Announce your new Apps
  2. Announce your new App Features
  3. Talk about success stories with your Apps
  4. Talk about complimentary products for your Apps
  5. Cross-promote other people’s apps to be used in conjunction with your Apps

But how to build an Email List with the help of your AppHere is the Tip:

Offer Your App Users FREE APPS in exchange for their Email Address!

This Strategy works! I have very successfully implemented it in one of our App Brands. Look at how it is implemented, it is on the last screenshot on the right.

The best thing is:

Users will usually give you their iTunes Email Addresses, which are guaranteed to be valid!

To your success!

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NO ADS! or How To Sell A Pleasant User Experience?

Who loves Apps with No Ads? EVERYONE!


Put “NO ADS!” in your App Description to sell it as a feature of your App!

Most app users dislike ads but bear with them if they get free content. Therefore, in your paid apps, sell “NO ADS!” as a pleasant experience for the users. We have tried it and it works!

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