How To Agree On Compensation For Developer Delays?

When you negotiate a timeline with your development team, you shall always agree on compensation for developer delays.

That is, how you will be compensated if the development team does not meet the previously agreed deadline provided you have not changed the work content. 

In this case, the compensation is fair because every day your app is not in App Store, you lose the daily revenue the app would earn if it was in App Store (as agreed). 

One way to define such a compensation is to defer the agreed payment until a later date.

For instance, you may have agreed to pay the development team once the app is ready to be submitted to the App Store. That is, after you have approved the app for submission and before the actual submission is done by the team, the team gets paid by you.

A compensation agreement for delays longer than 2 days may state that the payment will be deferred until the app has been in the App Store for 7 days.

That is, the development team gets paid only after the app has earned 7 days of revenue.

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How To Grow App Business With Constant Working Capital?

In the app business you will have capital currently invested in the creation and marketing of products.

That is, you will have capital put in app design, development and marketing.

The invested capital can be kept constant every month – working capital.

The goal is to grow the business with the same amount of working capital.

How is that possible?

  • Month 1: You invest $5000 to make 20 apps.
  • Month 2: You invest the earnings from month 1, if any, to create some more apps.
  • Month 3: You invest the earnings from month 2, if any, to create some more apps.
  • and so on and so forth.

That is, the goal is to keep the initially invested $5000 in the business until monthly earnings exceed $5000.

Then, you still invest $5000 next month and take the exceeding earnings out of the business.

Enjoy the exceeding earnings 😀

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What Is The Best Way To Increase International App Sales?

The translation of App Title, Description, Keywords, Screenshots and Content into different languages is important and can significantly increase app revenue in countries around the globe.

However, it is even more important to succeed in the US App Store because it will definitely also increase your international sales.

Why is it so?

All the top selling apps in US App Store are tracked by numerous international websites, apps and social media accounts (twitter, facebook etc.).

They are visited by people from around the globe who download the top selling apps from their local app stores.

That is:

If your app succeeds in the US App Store, it will also do comparatively well in other countries as well.

It is definitely safe to say that succeeding in the US App Store will increase the international revenue much more than app asset translation in different languages.

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What Will Your Apps Be Worth In 10 Years?

The App Market moves with an exceptional speed. With this in mind, it is important to think about the long-term value of your Apps.

Will your Apps still be valuable in 10 years? What part of them will still be valuable?

  • App Content – will you be able to sell it in 10 years’ time?
  • App Team – will you be able to produce new products with the team?
  • App Social Network – will you be able to use the connections on facebook, twitter, email etc. to sell other products?
  • Apps Themselves – Will they still be downloaded then?

Another aspect is the momentary value currently generated by your Apps. They may make lots of money for a short period of time. On the contrary, they may make smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time.

The goal is to combine both. I think, this may be possible and should be strived for!

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How To Manage Revenue Fluctuations In App Store?

You will go through emotional roller coaster when you look at the download and revenue numbers of your apps.

The amplitude is 75% of your average daily earnings.

That is, if you make $100 daily on average with your apps, on some days you will make $25 and on others $175.

Get used to it. Here is what you can do to improve things:

  1. Play with App Store Optimisation, ASO, that is keywords, icons, screenshots

  2. Detect new competitors and model their success, if they are successful, indeed

  3. Publish new apps. Regularly.

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What Is The Most Profitable Way To Release A Free And Paid App Pair?

When you release an App Pair, that is a Free App with Ads and the same Paid App without Ads, there is a certain strategy to maximize your ROI on launch.

Here it is:

  1. Get both Apps, Free and Paid, approved by Apple but do not release them.
  2. Schedule the Free App Release for Next Saturday.
  3. Schedule the Free App Release for Next Sunday.

Saturdays and Sundays are days with most app downloads around the world. With this strategy, you will get great exposure on both days!

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How to maximize your ROIs with app reskins?

How To Maximize Your ROI With App Reskins?

When you buy source code for reskin, you justify the investment by creating and publishing many app reskins or games based on that code.

How do you decide which app reskins to create though?

To maximize your long-term ROI, follow these 3 rules of thumb:

  • Choose themes and characters popular in App Store but avoid one-time hits like current pop stars (e.g. choose a generic monster character app over a Lady Gaga app)
  • Choose themes and characters to publish your App Reskins in different App Store categories (e.g. choose a monster and a farm theme over 2 different monster themes)
  • Choose themes and characters to attract big advertisers (e.g. choose a Candy Crush Saga-like gameplay over another gameplay less known in App Store)

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